Sesshin (HYBRID)

Friday, April 29 and Saturday April 30 -- Zazenkai

This will be a HYBRID event--in person in the zendo and on zoom.

Please contact Gene to reserve your space in the zendo. Seating is limited due to covid safety protocols. Pre-registration is required. The fee for Saturday is $35-$45 and can be paid through the website or in the envelope in the zendo foyer. There is no charge for Friday evening. Contact Beverly if any questions or if a full or partial scholarshop is requested. Teacher dana can also be given through the website or in the envelope in the zendo foyer.

FileZazenkai Schedule

Friday evening

5:30 Zazen

6:10 – service – Setting in Motion the Wheel of Dhamma

6:25 Zazen

6:50 Kinhin

7:00 Zazen

7:35 Kinhin                                                    

7:45 Dharma talk

8:25 Refuges in Pali, Departure/ rest



7:45 Zazen

8:15 formal morning service with Maka Hannya Haramita Shin Gyo and

         full recitation of Buddhas and Ancestors

8:45 Kinhin

9:00 Zazen

9:30 Kinhin / (work period for those sitting at home)

9:40 Zazen

10:10 Shakyo/ sutra copying - text provided; bring your own pen and paper

10:45 clean up & brief break

11:00 Zazen

11:20 Dharma talk

11:50 - service – Metta Sutta


12:00 lunch break - 12:50 ~ 5 min densho - 12:55 ~ 5 min Han


1:00 Zazen

1:30 Kinhin

1:40 Zazen

2:10 Kinhin

2:20 Group discussion

2:50 Kinhin

3:00 Zazen

3:30 Kinhin

3:40 Zazen facing each other

4:00 Refuges in Pali, clean up and departure